Reasons To Freeze

by Connor Storms

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released on Halloween '15, "Reasons To Freeze" is a collection of 5 songs about confusion, love, nostalgia, catharsis, friendship, debauchery, change, sorrow, regret, anger, madness, bliss, disillusionment, anxiety, and a compulsion to destroy.


released October 31, 2015

all lyrics and songs written by Connor Storms
all songs arranged by Connor Storms and Zach Khanlian

Connor Storms: lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, flute (5), bass (1, 3)
Zach Khanlian: drums and percussion (1, 3, 5), trombone (3)
Haley Gowland: harmony vocal (2)
Lake Muir: bass (5)
Kevin Storms: trumpet (3)

the jilted lovers choir (3): Justin Balling, Zach Khanlian, and Connor Storms

the whisper chorus (5): Corinne Perham, Zach Khanlian, and Connor Storms

"Dream" by Jay Jenei (5)

album art by Zach Khanlian

thanks to my friends, my family, the Khanlians, the Gowlands, Simon Feldman, Kristin Pfefferkorn, and Charles O. Hartman. I'd also like to recognize and give a very special thank you to all those whose voices, musical or otherwise, made their way onto these songs and by doing so elevated them in detail and spirit. I love you.



all rights reserved


Connor Storms Somerville, Massachusetts

"I'm a seventeen year old girl with a lot to lose."

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Track Name: North & South
mountain air, goofy smile
taking cabs to the liquor store
being young and feeling old and wild
and getting sore
came from north & south
met on the shore

talk me down
I'll talk you out
"officer it's not us you're looking for
in fact, those boys they just ran out"
spilled light beer all over the floor
sing low, sing high
blend on the shore
sing low, singing high
blend on the shore
Track Name: Setting Sun
pale as the moonlight
warm like a setting sun
my night and day

stay with me all night
when we wake we will be one
a spirit forged in sheets of grey

down by that slow stream
where blue fingers thawed with time
green light dancing all around

when I'm wrapped in your sunbeam
my whole world begins to rhyme without a sound
I plant the verses in your ground

and what grows there goes who knows where
everyday we'll see

and what grows there goes who knows where
but that slow stream is still winding
nourishing our green
Track Name: Permanent Vacation
did I talk too little?
did I take too much?
well, now that we've made contact I think we should lose touch
you can make excuses, cut off my tongue
instead of spitting fire I'll be spitting blood, spitting blood
I don't know what I think I'll find on these long walks by myself
maybe I'll figure out who and where you are
maybe pigs will fly and I'll will myself to love you less
and we'll take our bones down a backroad in my car
but it's all just a ride to the train in the morning (mhm)

I am sick of wasting time caring about people who won't give me their time
I am sick of saying it's the last time when I'm pretty damn sure it's not
I am tired of obligation, acting caring when I'm vacant
I need a permanent vacation from these thoughts, from these thoughts
it's like a song I've sung for so long I don't know what I'm singing it for
it's got me jaded and insecure it's got my vocal chords shot
and when I'm around you I sing the same sad tune again and again and again and again and again and again
I wonder if you're wondering but you're not
NO it's all just a Rolling Rock on a Thursday
and this will come as a shock, but what you don't say
says more than words could reveal
we used to scream now we just make a squeal

speak to me or just talk to me
before I'm dead and gone

remember me, remember me
remember the forgotten song

and I don't know you put I'm pretty close with the fog
oh, but I'll never learn the way behind that mask
despite my head on your lap on a cool autumn night
the warmth and the cold of your squinting eye
and I'll hear the echoes of your safe haven's call
and you'll never hear anything at all
Track Name: Your Squinting Eye
you kept me up last night
you weren't even around
went searching in the dark
no trace of your light was found
so restless now
you're what I want, can't need, don't have

in my dreams you're climbing up
you fell straight to the ground
you were as dazed confused and fucked up
as I'm feeling now
unwrapped from your cloud
where we mended the bones in your warmth

thought that the distance could smother the flame
the mask fell apart
thought it would help to just look away
but your squinting eye still burns me today

now look who's lost in the night
I'm a dark type of glad
but you'll always be in lights
I'm just a passing fad
want you so bad
that I sort of wish you never were

you're an enigma
I'm a closed book
lost on your shelf
her head's made of fire and that's all it took
to make ashes of our selves
thought that the distance could smother the flame
the mask fell apart
I can sail across seas but I still can't escape your squinting eye
...still burns me the same

you kept me up last night
I don't want you around
Track Name: Kia Soul
calling mission control:
we're drifting into the void
in the back of a Kia Soul
and I don't know if she's tethered like I am

sound doesn't travel well out here
I can sense my heart beating
but not if it's love or fear
I don't know how you draw me so near
I don't know if it's love or if it's fear

to be honest, it's nerve wracking
to be blunt, my skull's cracking now
to be honest, it's nerve wracking
to be blunt, my skull's cracking
the memories are slipping out
the memories are slipping out now
and dripping through my hands

[Dream by Jay Jenei]:

Zach Cadillac Corinne weird guys
Kevin (work) Shannon will Blake
Elvis magnets my car tied up
shotgun neighborhood by straw
bridge strange dark target Wilcox
and kid who was in driveway with
friends and would only talk to